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Our programs will enable you to empower the potential of your practice!

The ultimate value of modern implant dentistry is evolving toward minimally invasive implant treatment. Using implant systems that are optimal and specific for minimally invasive implant treatment, we have developed creative academic programs, educational activities, as well as clinical research and developments with the purpose of the establishment and dissemination of the minimally invasive treatment concept, thereby positively contributing to the advancement of dentistry, and improving public health worldwide.


New game-changing protocols are so relevant to the patients who walk into your office everyday!

Our program is great for both new & experienced dental clinicians!

The Wait is Over for the First-Class Live Mentorship Program!
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2.3M implant crowns are made each year!

AAP (American Academy of Prosthodontists) stated that

approx. 36 million Americans do not have any teeth.

ACP are expecting these numbers to grow over

200 million people in the next 15 years.


A report from ADA and AAID predicted that by the year 2021,

the growth of dental implants would go from 20% to over 70%.

Furthermore, over 50% of the single placements will be done by GPs.

Did you know?

However, over 50 million Americans refuse

to see a dentist due to dental fear and anxiety!

Did you know?
Things have changed!

In-depth, hands-on training with industry leaders and world-renowned professors for dentists ready to step up their implant practice

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Things have changed!

The biggest waves are coming

Are you ready to enjoy them?


No more ridge splitting

No more lateral windows

Easily lift sinus over 10mm

Safe Narrow ridge protocols


Blade & suture unnecessary

Simple Immediate placement

G.P.S. without surgical guides

Minimal amount of bone grafting

Now, All Patients can say YES!

Now, All Patients can say YES!

with Comfortable, Anxiety-Free, & Safe Treatment Options

Key Benefits


Patient Satisfaction

Better Freeling & Faster Healing

Stress-Free Protocols

Much Safer & Simple Techniques 

Increased Productivity

Less Chair Time & Fewer Patient Visits

A.M.I.I. Programs will fulfill your desires to learn &

start performing the most advanced implant dentistry

as you find patient referral rates grow significantly,

easily have new implant patients walk-in to your practice,

and generate positive reviews on Google & other online sites.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding and managing various bone types

  • Magic GPS Single drilling with direct CT guide no more deviation from a surgical guide & planning

  • Simple Bone Expansion & Bending rather than traditional invasive ridge split or GBR techniques

  • Magic Sinus Bump up to 4mm with no bone graft 

  • Sinus Lift over 10mmm on thin residual bone and immediate implant placement 

  • Immediate Placement after the tooth extractions

Course Objectives
2020 1030 09b.jpg
2020 1013 08.jpg

Testimonials from previous attendees

“What we learned from this weekend is definitely a game-changer for patient comfort dentistry.

The BEB techniques are very practical and ideal for thin ridges.

The sinus bump & lift techniques are so safe & simple.”

- Dr. Minh Nguyen -

“I never thought immediate implant placement after extractions can be so predictably engaging!

If I have not taken this program, I could have been making most of my patients to wait for another over 4-6 months of healing after just the bone grafting is done .”

- Dr. Jim True -

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Program Dates and Locations

Events Dates & Locations
2020 1013 06.jpg
2021 0717 07b copy.jpg

2021 Last Chance for the Spring! 

  • S&S Intensive (Safe & Simple Implantology Level I & II)

    • CE: 21 (3 Days): $7995 $5995/clinician ($695/staff)​​



>Click Hereto reserve your seat now

2021 Safe & Simple Implantology 3 Days Intensive

Aug 12th-14th (OH)  ●  Sep 16h-17th (MI)

Oct 21st-23rd (IN)  ●  Dec 9th-11th (OH)

  • A.E.S.P. (Atraumatic Extraction & Socket Preservation)

    • CE: 14 (2 Days): $2995 $1995/clinician ($295/staff)

    • Health History Review ▪ Advanced Extraction. ▪ Wisdom Tooth
      Grafting ▪ PRP ▪ Preparing Implant Site ▪ Medication

>Creating the Ideal Implant Environment after Advanced Extraction<

> Click here < if you are interested & need more info about our program

We suggest the future direction of implant treatment and the new standard for Implantology.

Through scientific research and educational programs, we support by providing your patients with 

next-generation treatment options that are suitable for minimally invasive Implantology.

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Things have changed!.jpg

Experts come to you!

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1st Class Flight.png

Safe Travel for Training

Affiliated Locations of A.M.I.I. East

A.M.I.I. East - Midwest Main Office

8030 Corporate Circle, North Royalton, OH 44133

312.933.0902 |

First-Class Education
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